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Explore our selection of earrings and necklaces.

TwocentsEarringsSilleLuigaPortfolio (2).jpg

Find the most popular variations of earrings and necklaces from the Two Cents collection, all made from real money. 

MACRO_big brooch blue_sile luik-min.jpg

MACRO Birth of Venus is a completely unique collection of wearable art inspired by mythology. 

2 kaelakeed 2skombo.jpg

Have a look, there are new and one of a kind combinations for the Two Cents collection. 

vahva macro 2.jpg

MACRO 2 is a fun and colorful contemporary jewelry collection using building foam as the main material.

Poetry earrings Sile Luik-min.jpg

LUUSER POETRY is a new jewelry collection by Sile Luik that uses words as a material.

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